Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friends4Ever - A Tiny tale of Friendship


-A Tiny Tale of Friendship.
*ing Arun Kumar, A.Ramjee, A.Srikanth, 
          K.Praneeth Sharma, S. Sai Kiran,
          G. Srikanth, Sunil and   S V Sai Chandra.
Every Day we wake in the morning with beautiful thoughts of meeting friends in the college, the place which made us to learn many things lessons of good-bad, lessons of technology-essence of life and many more and one such day, I put my pen down to write this article.
To tell u about my friends I will start with K.Praneeth Sharma, he is always active and is ready to take a discussion or suggest ideas. G. Srikanth Yadav is considered as a lover boy (of course a true lover - a rare quality any one can have). If any person is looking out a help then A. Srikanth would readily comes into picture. The person who always wanted himself to be recognized as a Don in the college and he tried each and every opportunity which came across him to make it happen is S. Sai Kiran. The other two friends Arun Kumar and Sunil both of them were together almost all the time and Arun favorite of himself and he lives in his own world of fantasies. A.Ramjee enjoyed all his days with his friends at all the Hyderabad’s favorite hangout spots when he was away from the college. The fearful candidate for some time(Life really changes and makes u learn lot things) was me.
The funniest moment in our college life – we all were in the Electrical Lab and The H.O.D was busy in designing the circuit and one of our team mate Arun switched on the power,our H.O.D was effected with slight electrical shock, the result was Arun was out the lab for the next sessions and we have seen the H.O.D in an disaster emotions, shouting at him.
We enjoyed our times in canteen, the local café on the way to our college and the multiplexes (Cine Planet and PVR). We used to play cricket in the seminar-hall (which came to the notice of our lecturers later and we were supposed to stop.).
Preparations for examinations – We have almost all our semester exam in the afternoon session at 2:00 P.M. All us was would start preparing for the exam in the college at 9:0 AM. Everybody has got their own way to tackle the examinations. The person who studied for long and got less marks was me and the person who studied rarely and got fair marks was A.Ramjee. All other used to attend the exams in a preplanned way.

The parties – Annual Day, Fresher’s party,Fair well party,Birthday…………!


Some of the hard situations –
Praneeth met with an accident when he newly bought his bike, it was a normal thing he recovered quickly.The same thing happend with Ramjee, he met with an accident but the things were different here. He was safe and car was damaged.
Ideally like all other we all had great time at our college; we enjoyed all the fun of watching movies, playing games, bunk the college and lot more. But we were never successful to bunk the classes nor at cheating in the exams, these situations were repeatedly happened which created an impression in the mind of the entire Department that we would rarely pass our semester exams and will be out the college with the degree.
We were in the third year of our graduation and were about to attend the semester examinations, but the most worse thing had happened, hall tickets were not issued to us before we could known the reason it was too late for us to react. We were out of time; this was situation which made slight disturbances in our friendship. I was the first person followed by the Praneeth to get rid out of this and left were Arun, Sunil, Sai Kiran, Srikanth (they managed themselves quickly) and Ramjee was the last person who was out this situation.
I really miss them and all these days, Even now we meet regularly except two people one (Sai Kiran) is at opposite corner of this world and the other opposite corner of the Country, both of them pursing there Master Degree.

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  1. superbb mama u have done a fentastic job to recollect those days really missing those golden days...